Cactus Themed Art Projects for Dad on Father’s Day

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but cacti are all the rave right now. They seem to be the new “pineapple” or “flamingo”. I’ve been super drawn to succulents for awhile now, so the fact that cactus-printed everything are popping up all over my Instagram feed right now gets me pretty excited. This particular “cactus fever” IG post had me in love and wanting every piece shown! So, since Father’s Day is quickly approaching, I thought I’d share 3 cactus {Read More}

7 Artist-Inspired Valentines To Create With Kids

Like the title says, Valentine’s Day is around the corner which means you’re probably already seeing a lot of images and inspiration all around you to get you prepped and pumped for the holiday. Half of you just flashed a big ol’ smile. The other half of you had a rise in blood pressure. Whether you’re a smitten kitten or a stressed mess, I thought I’d offer a little help and inspiration, at least when it comes to artwork that {Read More}

How To Draw A Nutcracker

In celebration of the holiday season upon us, I had my 2nd graders draw a nutcracker in my art class. Here are the steps we followed. Note that, of course, there are variations along the way. My students were given different options and ideas on how to personalize their own drawing, making it different from everyone else. Some altered the crown, drew different textured hair, a much curlier mustache, different buttons on the jacket and even a slightly different shaped {Read More}

Here, Fishy Fishy {Miss Misty’s Art Class}

I taught this project to my 4 year old students. It was really simple and I love the outcome.  I usually base my art projects off of actual paintings by real and famous artists.  This one is not the case because it’s tricky to find an artist inspired project for 4 year olds, most of them having trouble even holding a pencil correctly.  This is just about making some cute and colorful fish. The artists 1) first chose either orange, {Read More}

Rockin’ Robes!

Hi, art lovers!  Today’s art project is one I created for my students to take home to Daddy for their Father’s Day art.  We were inspired by the famous artist, Jim Dine, and his paintings of robes.  My students studied a few examples of them before beginning.  Here are a few:   They recreated the painting called Bill Clinton Robe. First, they drew the basic outline of the robe, along with the inside shapes and lines. They then used Crayola {Read More}

Warhol’s Basket of Flowers {Miss Misty’s Art Class}

Hello, class!  It’s been quite a while since I’ve brought you any art project ideas.  I can’t seem to find my good photos of all my art projects so my camera phone pics will have to do for now.  This project is really simple and can be used as a Mother’s Day gift, a birthday gift, or an art piece to welcome spring.  I used it as a Mother’s day gift with my Kindergarten students.  We recreated this Andy Warhol {Read More}

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